Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Different Leadership Styles of an Introvert and an Extrovert

If you try to observe organizations: you see that there are different leaders around. As a general classification, a leader can be more of an extrovert, while to the other extreme, a leader may tend to be an introvert. Each has different strengths, different weaknesses. But they can all be successful as leaders: IF, that is if they deliver results.

But if one fails to deliver on the results expected, no matter how charismatic one may be--you will easily find your way to the door.

All else being equal though,one may ask, which leadership style is best... The answer... The extrovert.

Leadership Position: Basic Requirement

Being in a leadership position requires leading and managing a group of people. This requires interaction with different personality types. This usually requires socialization, and small talks. If a leader is an extrovert, he or she may easily do this with ease.

If he or she is an introvert: social interactions become a problem. And this limits a leader's influence which is not what we want.

Being an extrovert will be an edge in leadership positions. Introverts are better off with other types of jobs, rather than in leadership positions. But if an introvert can improve the way he interacts with people, then things can get better.

Hope for the Introvert Leader

It all boils down to how an introvert will adapt to what is required of being a leader. If the introvert leader can make adjustments so that he or she can relate better with others, then the degree of the problem is put to a minimum.

Putting it in Perspective

However, not all extrovert leaders are better than introvert leaders. There are more things that a leader needs to have than having social finesse...

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Leading 101 -- Am I A Leader?

There is much to learn about leadership. Every day, a leader can learn new things. Each experience will provide insight to be reflected upon. Such experiences are valuable, so that those leadership theories will be put to the test. And what works and what does not can be known. The next time around, the leader will have wisdom. But before we proceed, there is one question facing us that we have to answer:

Leading 101 -- Am I A Leader?

If you have not been in a leadership position before, you may be asking yourself this. And you think, that others are lucky since they don't question themselves whether they have it in them. Well, guess what, even leaders will sometimes doubt themselves. We are all humans, and there will always be times when we doubt ourselves, our capabilities--but having doubts, does not make us unworthy of leadership positions.

So, when you ask yourself, "Am I a leader?" -- "Yes, I can be!" should be the answer.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Enthusiasm and Leadership

What does being an effective leader require?

There are many things actually--but one thing that really makes one stand out is his or her enthusiasm. Without it, one just can't lead effectively. Picture this, even if that leader has the one greatest idea in the room, if he can't influence his team,what are the chances of his idea succeeding? Right?

To be an effective leader, one must learn to inject enthusiasm into his system. Leadership is not just about brains, it's about getting others to your point of view. Being positive and enthusiastic will make you more effective in your leadership role.

Try observing successful leaders, can't you see how they are being enthusiastic about their work, ideas, etc? Now you know what sets them apart in their leadership role--Enthusiasm.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Heart of the Leader

If you are handling people, you should hone your leadership skills.

The one thing that your people will be looking at though, is your heart--whether you easily give up when obstacles arise or whether you continue on persistently despite of any hindrances along the way.

It is not easy leading people, you know that--anybody in a leadership role knows that. But if you are in a leadership role, you should act the role and make things work--it is your job and that is expected of you.

It is lonely at the top--very true, and this is what is happening almost everywhere. Leaders are not after popular decisions, they are for making the right decisions. It is not a popularity contest, otherwise, you can't make the best decision for your company or your business for that matter.

Leadership is not for everyone. Some just don't have the heart for this. At times though, you see yourself caught in this situation. It is like the story of Moses in the Bible--he did not want to lead, but he was called, so he complied. And with the grace of God, he was able to lead very well.

With Moses' story, you can at least share the feeling that anybody has the potential to lead. But what is important is to watch your heart--it should have courage. Without courage, you can't lead very well. It may be worthy to share though, that there is no leader that is not afraid, the successful leader though just walks through fear and experiences it head on.

You will be successful if you act despite the fear. Fear is always there, the challenge is to act your part anyway. Don't let fear stop you. Use it to challenge yourself. It is through this situations that you will grow as a leader.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A True Leader Knows Himself…

To be an effective leader, you must know yourself. If you aren’t sure of who you are, you will end up following other leaders’ footsteps—you would not be able to lead in your own unique way. What is worst, is that you will look bad and wanting by not using your own leadership style.

So the first thing, is to really look deep inside and accept who you are now. Lead in your own unique way. If you read in leadership books, there are various personalities of leaders—and if you get to the bottom of it—it doesn’t really matter that much, as any styles will have pros and cons. What matters most though, is being able to use your unique strengths to lead your group—in your own effective way.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just Do It: Leadership Lesson 2

Plain and simple: JUST DO IT!

Sounds simple? Try it! You will see that these 3 words are easier said than done.

Not all are gifted with a positive disposition in life. Not all are positive thinkers. Some have to work twice as hard to get their minds in the right track.

In my case, I don't always feel good, and this affects how I lead. At times, I don't feel confident and my self doubt strikes me hard. My mind then starts to struggle with the negative thoughts against the right thing to do.

At these times, the "just do it" maxim will be like putting a flag on the highest hill.

It will feel impossible to combat the strong negative thoughts; you will need more than just saying "just do it!". But we have to start somewhere, and saying so will be a major step.

This is critical, so take note: The "just do it" maxim will not be the magic pill. There is more you have to do, but you have to start with this. So JUST DO IT!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Called Is Made Qualified: Leadership Lesson 1

Regardless of our backgrounds and our pasts, when God calls us to Lead, we should obey.

I am unworthy: So what? Should you care if you make a mess out of it, or if you should succeed? Let us go back to the point that if we are following God's plans, it is not about us: it is about Him--it is about God! There is no need to worry too much, or even worry at all: God has already planned everything.

What if I fail?
Ah, yes you could fail. And yes, you could experience shame and disappointment, but it is expected. God did not promise that He will remove all obstacles along the way. He only assured for the provision of strength to make it through--if we believe in Him. Temporarily, you may suffer setbacks, but it will all end up for your good. God plans it to be so.

The called is made qualified: and we better believe it!

Do not be overwhelmed by the worldly threats and dangers, because when God wants you to lead, He will provide you with the resources to be effective in that role. You don't have to trust in yourself actually, you only have to trust God--the rest will follow.